Random images, I need to be more careful in the number of pictures I take.

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Well what I said in the title, the truth is that I have a lot of unedited pictures, the bad thing is that at the moment I think they will look great and they do, but then I see the type of post I do and the images are very similar because clearly that is my style, it is quite difficult to change the habits I already have, plus having so many images and wanting to edit them one by one becomes too much work that sometimes I can''t do because I have other activities.


So to change the routine a little bit today I will show you different random pictures, they are from different days and from different places, I hope you like them, so here are all today's pictures.





I hope I don't confuse you too much with the abrupt changes haha.







And that would be all for today, I think I'll take a break in my activity because I'm getting saturated with too much work, or maybe I'll probably start taking pictures with my cell phone so I don't have to edit anything and just write the story, I don't know yet, I need to optimize my time and my activity.

All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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