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RE: PhotoChain Challenge: 25th Edition Start - 24th Edition's Winners

Excellent choices for the winners! My nearest ocean is 4000+ miles away, so I may have to go looking for a lake!


Great idea Melinda. I'll wait to see your entry 😉

I live near the sea... and I picked a riverside photo from Munich! 😁

I guess you can find beaches everywhere! I found one from a trip to Mexico that will work, I think!

Nice! 😊

my nearest ocean is closer, but who said beach must be necessarily an ocean one, @melinda010100? I found one today. before that, I was considering making a custom beach for one toy on a pile of sand at my back yard :)

I know where to find lovely freshwater sandy beaches, but those interesting salt water creatures are often unfamiliar to me.

heh. same to me. but i love them with a crazy love since my childhood. books, films, -- the only options left to me, in this sense...