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Hi Folks! Here I come again with my participation in this wonderful contest of #createthatlook sponsored by our friends @Bliss11 and @Drakernoise..

I have to confess that it's difficult to share gifs on this platform, because Hive doesn't accept gifs made with the apps I have, so I have to help me with other websites to be able to share a gif here. But as I don't give up and I love to participate in this contest so I go all the way to bring you the so expected gif! 😎

And... This is my Gif for the contest.



How did I manage to do that?


Well, first I took a picture of mushrooms that I already shared in a previous post, I edited it with Pixaloop App, I love this gif app because in its free version it has enough options to give animations, effects and add elements to the photos, and from the same app I can share the gif to the conventional social networks, but in the free version they only download in mp4 so you can't share in Hive.

In order to bring this gif I got support from a web page ( that converts mp4 into gif, but they still didn't upload to Hive because they were too big, , so I made several attempts cutting the time of the video and the image, I also removed some elements from the gif because I thought that the elements also made the video heavier, after several attempts Hive accepted it and I won and learned!🤓

This is the original image


I also want to share this other gif I made, it was my first attempt and it was the one I wanted for the contest but I couldn't to load it after passing it through the above mentioned website, so I supported me with the memes and gif Giphy application, but with this app the gif lose size and quality in the image, so I was not satisfied enough to compete with this one, but I also didn't want to leave it abandoned in my computer after the time I spent on it. I hope you like it.



This is the original image.




Thanks for stopping by

With love. Maria Ballesteros. 💜

All images are my property unless otherwise credited.


Gracias por compartir tu contenido con la comunidad de El Arca (@elarca), el mismo ha sido votado por nuestra iniciativa de curación artística @stellae. Si deseas puedes delegar HP al proyecto: Delegate 25 HP Delegate 50 HP Delegate 100 HP Delegate 250HP Delegate 500HP

Great job as usual @mballesteros, a scene that could perfectly be found out there on mature while walking with your special beautiful touch 😉
Thanks so much for overcoming difficultties and participate in the animated round. Best wishes and 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you very much my friend. Vaya un abrazo de vuelta! 🤗😘

It is beautiful! I never took the time to find out what gif is and how it is made!

Well, I'm not an expert, but I've learned a lot from these contests on the platform. There are very illustrative apps to make gif, it's really easy and entertaining, the complicated thing for me is to convert them to a format that is accepted by Hive. You make wonderful pictures, they don't need movement because they already look spectacular! 🤗

WOW! Diablos señorita pero que trabajo tan increible. O.O

Ey Rich! Increible lo que tú haces!😂 Gracias por pasarte! 😘

Yeah...I agree with the issues you arrived facing and I guess that's why most participants are having trouble making an entry.

But you made a very beautiful gif, pretty cool and neat. I like the butterfly and how is it mushroom or flowers now? is sheds like snow, pretty nice. Thanks for a lovely entry. 🤗

Thanks to you, Bliss, and sorry I'm late. Yes, in fact I had problems to upload the gif in Hive but I managed to solve it, I think that's why there are not many entries, it is not easy to make a good gif, at least I almost could not. I hope you have a nice day!😉

Very interesting and creative works! Well done!

Thanks!! 😉

Your GIF ist very beautiful!

Greetings from Germany 🦋

Thank you Faltermann! Hugs from Mexico!🤗