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Hi dear Friends! Here I am again taking part in this wonderful contest of #createthatlook sponsored by our friends @Bliss11 and @Drakernoise..


Hello friends, I hope you are all very well from the part of the world you are in.

Today I want to share with you my contribution to the #createthatlook contest, I think that everyone who knows me knows that I like to participate in this contest, because it makes me think and have fun playing with the images, besides it is a good excuse to learn how to use the tools that Photoshop offers.

This time I helped myself with tutorials on youtube to do this photo manipulation using a picture of a kitten which I shared in a previous publication.

I don't have much experience in this kind of work yet, so it took me a day and a half to finish it, I changed several layers and used several cat pictures until I got this one which was the one that best fit what I wanted to do.

This is my entry for the contest


Some edits of the finished image.




To summarize how the process went, here I share a screenshot of the job.

It's hard to explain everything I did to get this image because several images were involved that were cropped, several layers of color and curve adjustments were applied, I think the image below if it doesn't explain it well, at least shows everything that was involved.


Here are the photographs of the composition:


Original Image


If you are a photography lover and you like to manipulate and transform them I invite you to be part of this great weekly contest, where you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your creativity, besides having fun participating. Here you can find all the guidelines of the contest:


Thanks for stopping by

With love. Maria Ballesteros. 💜

All images are my property unless otherwise credited.


You made a higher step in photo edits @mballesteros. We knew about your creativity but this was too much, omg!
Love the whole work, the process explanation, the idea behind the scene, the final result and all the following edits, amazing job!
Thanks for sharing your talent with us 🤗🤗🤗

Hey! This contest sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone, which is good because I learn other things that way. Thank you to you and Bliss for creating it.


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Wow! Now I am speechless...😮 This is amazing I must say. The photo manipulation is on first I thought a wild (maybe small tiger lol) is going for the kid. Then I saw that it was a cat and I am like fooled me lol. Nice work and I appreciate your improvement each time. Thanks for your entry. 🤗✨

Hahaha! Sorry for the scare! Yes... I'm already getting deeper into photoshop, I want to learn how to make those images that look like other dimensions! 😂 Thanks for your words dear!


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Thank you so much! You're very fast!😜

@Drakernoise is awesome! So is this image. I am surprised that this is new to you. I thought this was a most excellent idea. Thanks for sharing your post here. I didn't know about this contest. Great job!

Hey! I agree with you about @Drakernoise, he is a good friend! Yes, this kind of work is new for me, it's the second one I do and I learned to use several photoshop tools, I'm just starting in photoshop because before I had another editor where no layers were used, it was simple but it was useful until then. Dare to participate in this contest, it's easy to participate, you don't have to do something so laborious, there are simple apps that do everything.👍

Yeah, i have been using Microsoft Paint forever! Just starting using Photoshop (a little) and it's intimidating with all the bells and whistles! I will definitely be giving it a try soon. Good luck on this one! =) I got a feeling you may be the winner. =)

Yep! Photoshop is intimidating but once you get inside and go through the web then you lose your fear. I hope to win too but the judges are very strict! 😬


Based on what i see here... you have just as good of a chance as anyone! Looking forward to keeping up a bit more with this.

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So kind of you @castleberry...
It's cool to see you stepping by the contest posts. This one is an excellent example of talent in my opinion.

This is some grat talent! I can't wait to watch it grow. Awesome contest brother. I was glad to see you still on the chain. I checked for you when i came back online and was curious to know how you had been. I saw you hadn't posted in a while so i figured you were operating behind the scenes! hahaha Love you bro. Keep up the great work.

Yes dear friend. My free time, as you already know is very limited and I normally spend it over some Discord servers in which I collaborate as well as some projects like this one... all normally happens in the background or the comments sections.
Anyways I plan to post soon, I don’t want people feel like I’m lazy 😛

Is this a meeting in the Kota Valley?)) You did it great!

Thank you. 😉

María que belleza, me encantó la foto de portada. Mundial.

Mi querida Goya Gracias por pasarte. Que bueno que te haya gustado, voy a seguir practicando este tema, me está gustando bastante. 😉

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