The rain and its colors. │ Daily and Fresh 📷 (2/366)

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Photography of my property.

Photography is a beautiful art, I admire those who practice it with professionalism and make beautiful and high-quality photos, like my friend @gamer00, who with his challenge Daily and Fresh, allows us to publish a new and fresh photo every day. One that has not been published before, you must do it throughout a year daily.

What a task, right?. well, I love it and I dared to start it, here is my second installment.

You can check the blog of @gamer00 and there you will find all the details.


Bright red.

Photography of my property.

The rain is always a blessing and brings us many gifts, among them, the colorfulness and blooming of many plants and trees that suffered the drought of the summer.

In Venezuela, the rain was slow in coming and many trees stopped being colorful. My backyard was no exception.

However, on Saturday the 30th, the first drops of rain began to fall and the colors we love so much began to be seen.

One of them was this tree (I don't know its name hahaha) and it is in the courtyard of my house. He gave me some red flowers that I captured to present them to him in my Daily and Fresh #2.

Thanks to @gamer00 for the opportunity to have fun photographing and bringing my amateur but lovingly made photographs to this beautiful dynamic.


Thank you for taking the time for this reading.




All the photographs are my property.

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Me encantó la fotografía, estimada @marybellrg
Bellísimos colores revitalizados por la lluvia

Una linda experiencia este reto, querida @mllg. Gracias por pasar y valorar, sabes que lo aprecio muchísimo. Un abrazo!...


Recuerdo mucho esa flor en mi escuela habia muchas de ellas y jugabamos peleas con sus pistilos. Que esyupendo post diario y fresco, me encantó @marybellrg

Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

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