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Every afternoon is a spectacle of nature. When the sun comes down, from my terrace, I usually capture beautiful sunsets. I'm an inveterate lover of the skies, and with my cell phone camera, I'm just an amateur, I manage to capture beautiful sunsets, those that awaken beautiful feelings from the look.

Today I want to show one of those pink afternoons, in which the sky dresses in tender and special colors as it is the color pink, is my entry # 15 of the dynamic Daily and Fresh, which promotes the friend @gamer00.

Here you must publish a daily photo for 365 days, it must be unpublished, that is, it must not have been published before.


If you want to learn more, you can visit the blog of @gamer00.


Thanks for these spaces where we can show and develop our qualities as amateur photographers in the learning stage.


See you next time, photography lovers.

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En mi ciudad desde hace semanas también el cielo ha regalado hermosos atardeceres, con el cielo lleno de colores! Hermosas fotografías

Muchisimas gracias por tu visita!!.. Eres siempre bienvenido o bienvenida! @pcojines

Me gustó la última toma, esos cielos celestes y lilas son geniales

Honor que me haces, querido amigo, me encanta fotografiar cielos, me da una sensación de mucho relax. Gracias por pasar y valorar, te regreso un abrazo, querido @miguelmederico.