Here comes the moon... │ Daily and Fresh 📷 (3/366)

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Photography of my property.

I have always been a lover of the moon, a mysterious and at the same time generous star, which illuminates us with its rays and offers us its immense beauty at sight. The moon is a source of poetry, love, sadness, and melancholy.

I dream of having a good camera to portray it as it deserves and expose its beauty to the fullest. While that moment arrives, I make use of my phone and its camera, trying to do my best.

On my third day of appearing in the dynamic of my friend @gamer00, Daily and Fresh, yesterday I took some pictures of the moon, which I am pleased to present today. They are not very sharp pictures, however, I found them very good.

It's nice to dare to participate in this initiative, if you dare, go to the blog of @gamer00 where you will find information that consists in posting a fresh and new photo every day for a year. A great challenge without any doubt.


Here comes the moon...

Photography of my property.

Photographing the moon is a delirium that always lives with me. I can't observe a beautiful moon in the sky, because at the same moment I run out to look for my phone to take some pictures of it (I took about thirty hahaha).

Yesterday afternoon, the sky was a beautiful blue that I love to capture, it was still early and in the distance, you could see the moon and its shadow.

As the afternoon fell and night fell, the blue went away and changed to grey to make way for the night. I took some shots there too.

Photography of my property.

I share with you one from far away, another one in between and one zooming in. Sorry for the imperfections in the captures, I can only say that I have fun doing them and I enjoy it very much, the moon for me, has a nice and special meaning. That's why I name myself Daughter of the Moon, things that only occur to me hahaha.

I know it's just one picture every day but this time, I wanted to show them to you from different angles.

Thanks to @gamer00 for this beautiful space of photographic expression that I love and makes me happy every day.

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Thank you for taking the time for this reading.




All the photographs are my property.

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Muchisimas gracias por su valioso y querido apoyo, profesor @lanzjoseg y equipo @tipu. Un gran abrazo!..

Es un verdadero placer siempre visitar tu blog ya que haces un muy buen trabajo. Besos y Abrazos.

Gracias por tu apoyo y cariño, querido @franz54. Eres siempre bienvenido, corazón, un abrazote para ti...

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Tu diario y fresco desde tu balcón, siempre es maravilloso llenos de cosas buenas y optimistas para leer por aquí @marybellrg. Apoyado el #toptres del día.

Muy lindo tu post, es uno de esos lugares que inspiran.
Abrazos cariñosos amiga bella.
Apoyado el #toptres del día. Saludos

Soy fan número de la luna, especialmente la luna llena. Muchos recuerdos se dibujaron bajo una luna también.

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