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Photography of my property

Photography continues to add color to my days. I spend my time looking for what to photograph.

I love to detail every moment or thing around me. One of them is the pictures I take to participate in Daily and Fresh, the initiative of @gamer00, which I invite you to join from their blog.

I have always been a lover of photographing the skies, they have a special charm for me. All these afternoons of quarantine, I go out to my terrace and try to capture the moments that every evening gives me.

Photography of my property

Today the day dawned overcast, nowhere could you see the sun.

At the end of the afternoon, the clouds gave way to the blue of the sky in all its splendor, cotton clouds I call them. Here I show them to you in my Daily and Fresh today.

Photography of my property

Thanks to @gamer00 for this nice initiative of playing at being a photographer of daily life for a year in a row.

I invite you to join this initiative and enjoy eternalizing the moments and things in life.

Sky blue skies that paint the firmament of love for life...

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Thank you for taking the time for this reading.




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👍 Nice 👍

Thank you very much for your visit and support. A hug for you. @lyubo19

Gracias por compartir y un saludo desde México.

Muchísimas gracias a ti por visitarme y valorar, eres siempre bienvenido a mi blog, bien recibido ese abrazo. Otro de vuelta desde Venezuela... @neuerko

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It is nice to go outside and look for the beauty in nature

The skies are my favorite, I have many pictures of them, they give me a lot of peace and relaxation. Thank you for passing by and appreciating, you are always welcome to my blog. @creativemary

Thank you😊

Sky so blue and beautiful.

Un hermoso espacio con las fotografías que nos compartes @marybellrg grandes momentos y lindos lugares cerca de casa.