Walking the old city of Plovdiv, visual story of 13 photos

The old city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria - I've been there tens of times and yet always I go there I see and photograph something new and interesting. It has its specific spirit, it is a place every traveler who visits Bulgaria should go to as it keeps a lot of history and reveals so much about the local culture and traditions. Your camera will not have a rest there :)))

Here are few photographs I made there, walking the stone covered streets and few views from Nebet Tepe, one of the hills of Plovdiv:














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Great Pictures!
I love this Idea that we can always find a new photo or a new angle even when we go to the same places and same views.
Great work.
Keep on working and bringing us such beautiful images.
My support it is just a few, but is 100% 💪

Thanks for your kind supportive words, indeed, that's said so well :)
By the way, I love your latest post with the long exposures, I like creating "slow" pictures as well :) Keep it up!

Awesome shots such a interesting area

Thank you, it really is! Plovdiv is otherwise one of the biggest and progressive cities in Bulgaria, it was an "European Capital of Culture" in 2019, along with Matera, another amazing city I've traveled to.

I am enjoying getting to see these places through your lens :)

Thanks a lot, buddy :)

Beautiful images of a beautiful place. I can understand why the camera wouldn't rest :). I can imagine myself taking pictures of the cobblestone streets, the walls or the last building in the story.

Thank you! It's a really beautiful city and its history goes back to the ancient times, Thracians, Romans, so much to see.

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