Look Down - Photo 52 entry

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I was browsing through my Hive feed when I came across a reblog of the Photo52 contest run by @photo52 in the PowerhouseCreative Community. Honestly I didn't think anything of it at the time. But then my cousin, @oblivioncubed posted a link to this week's current contest in our discord server and thought it might be a good one for me to try. So I headed out to the tundra and grabbed a few photos of the ground. My favourite and entry into the contest is my first photo. It was taken with my Nikon P900.





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that were a nice downlooks, you deserve to be chosen a week champion. sorry to comment and show up too late here.

!BEER as a little extra rewarding

Hey, thanks for entering! That photo looks pretty fantastic, much like it's own world completely unto itself!

My favorite is the second photo I think! Good entry buddy!

Amazing photo

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