The perks of creating good photographs SOOC| Correcting a flawed photograph with two levels of colorgrading

Correcting photos in post is becoming an act that is kinda frowned upon by many photographers across the globe. Everyone is now advocating for getting photos right out of camera. Personally, I think it's a good thing for the craft. Getting "most" things right out of camera makes any possible editing process faster. Aside from that, you'd have more natural element retention in a photograph.

Getting a good photograph out of camera sounds like an easy thing to pull off. And naturally, for a professional photographer; it should. But there are several factors that can cause a photographer not to get it right on camera and choose to spend time on post production to get it right. In my case, it was something you'd never imagine. Can you guess? It was mosquitoes! Not just that though. My camera was acting up that day too.

It was a collaboration with a model and we decided to shoot at an aboretum; a bad choice of location. We were battered by huge mosquitoes. And we couldn't spend up to 10minutes there. Due to hostile conditions, I was unable to get anything right. The mosquito bites coupled with my camera acting up caused me to produce bad photos.

DSC_2279 2.jpg

My white balance was the major problem. Thanks to Lightroom though, I was able to fix the photo with two levels of colorgrading. Here's the first;


In my first level of colorgrading, I was able to fix the white balance and work on her skin tones. In the second level of colorgrading, I was able to achieve the tones I originally wanted for the photograph; earth tones.


It wasn't an easy process getting up to that final point. It took ample time. I had even planned to abandon the photos, but I needed the challenge and I won!

What do you think?


@tipu curate

This model looks very cool , I hope you make more some photo what this woman :)
I be soon back and look what more you can find :)

She's an amazing model. Amazing is an understatement. I'll definitely create more stuff with her when I'm in her locale. Thanks for checking my stuff out

Npr .. happy to see cool photos :)

top stuff... have you had a play with the new colour grading in LR??

I don't think I have. I'll surely check it out. Truth is, I colorgrade with my mobile phone due to disparities in display calibrations. I hope to get a macbook

As a photographer I love to work with light more than photoshop or lightroom even though it is unavoidable to use professional tools of post-production. Indeed I make use of lightroom regularly. But to get great pics in production phase is just so rewarding and time saving, as you clearly said and I completely agree. Well done on saving you work by using a lot of patience and skills with lightroom. I think working professionally with lightroom can be as difficult as producing gear photos in first place.

Thanks for sharing and good job again!

Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate it.