Single bride| Portraits of Juliet with dominant desaturated tones!

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I worked on a lot of personal projects this year. I didn't think I was going to do much given the pandemic. But I calculated the number of projects I worked on this year and I was shocked. It even surpassed projects from last year. Gives credence to the saying; "when there is a will, there's a way".

I've had a tough time selecting which of my projects was the best. And I'll let you guys help me with the selection. I'm currently working on a post where I publish all the projects I worked on since the beginning of the year. I'll further state the story/idea behind each project. So you can share in my thought process behind each image.

There are a lot of photos, but I'll be sharing the best two from each project, so the post doesn't become bulky.

Well, that's that!

Few weeks ago, I worked on another project. Consequently my last for the year. The project is titled "single bride". The oxymoron in the title is the "cool" factor about this project for me. The photos are amazing too. Check them out;


For this project, I opted for desaturated tones. This decision wasn't exactly part of the original idea. It was a decision I took after seeing how glorious her skin looked without the usual red or brown skin tones. I also dabbled into other tones though, as you can see above.

Please tell me if you like it.


Very cool :) I was like your photos :)