Goofing around the studio with Yankee| Spontaneous portraits I created for Yankee with gelled lights.

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! Yay!!!
Yea, I know a lot of you got to 2021 before I did. But I'm here anyway 😁.

Just before the end of last year, I created some spontaneous portraits of Yankee. He had visited my studio to see me, and I quickly set him up for a photo session. It wasn't exactly a setup though. We wanted to do an experiment in preparation for a photo session we were planning.

We want to create some dramatic portraits using several "gelled" lights. So we had to practice light arrangements and all. In the midst of practice, I created the portraits of Yankee.

Check them out;


Yankee can be such a goofball, and a good model when the need arises.

Tell me what you think of the lighting in those photos.

PS; We were only able to use 2 gelled lights. We hope to use a minimum 4 for the main session we are prepping for.


I love the lighting. I like the part shadow casted on the side of his face, great work.

He seem a fun lad too.

Thanks brov

The two colored side lights never fail to get great shots 👏 even if you are just "goofing around" 😂

It never goes wrong for real


Thank you. Glad you like it.