A good day to try feathered lighting with a 180cm umbrella| Portraits of Karly!

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Since I got the 180cm parabolic umbrella, I've been seeking out several ways to use it to produce different kinds of photos. I haven't had the time to do that. Clients are always hasty in their sessions so I couldn't even try. Well, a subjected showed up 2 days ago and I experimented.

Whilst I used feathered lighting setup for portraits before, I haven't tried with such a big modifier. I did, and the results were great. Check them out;


I love how evenly lit those portraits are. Prior to shooting with this setup, I always had a problem of the light spilling on the backdrop which I didn't like.

Check out the setup


I took some sitting portraits too. But the standing ones were my favourites.

Karly is a fitness expert. So I had the opportunity of doing my first fitness photograph. Or what is it called?


Very well styling. Casual but elegant.

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Brutales estas fotografías.

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