Rabbit On The Terrace: Photography

Hey Everyone!!
Today i had gone to someone's house for some work, where i got to know that they have a pet rabbit. I requested them to show me so that i can click its pictures. That rabbit was on the terrace, so we go there.

As i try to click pictures, the rabbit run off from there😂. I don't know why this happens with me, no one feels friendly with me in clicking pictures. But i just followed that, very silently and let that to be relax and clicked some pictures.
I wanted to click some close pictures, but that was biting us on going near. Anyhow i succeeded in clicking one close picture, but the rabbit made a scratch on my hand with his teeth😂, i just escaped thankfully from his attack😁.







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Did that rabbit think your hand was a carrot or some other food? :O :D

It has an interesting patch of color on its back. It's white all over and then what looks like orange wings! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

That used to bite everyone who comes close to it or touch, not for carrot but that don't like the people around him, i guess.

That orange patch is just a naughtiness😂 of children of that house. They put on hair color on the rabbit, which cause the orange color hair of it.

oh wow! :O I guess it does seem like an unnatural color for a rabbit to have. Be careful when you visit this house again; the children might try to dye some of your hair orange too! :O :D

😂Hahaha..Yeah i will be double careful for this. On first meeting i also asked them about this orange patch, as i thought that its natural😅.

Thank you for the comment😊 and

Merry Christmas🎄🎅 kenny.

May this Christmas Santa🎅 give you all the happiness and joy to your life and a good health to you and your family...

How sweet of you! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family too! 🎅