A Slow Sunday, Starting off the year Mellow

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A Slow Sunday, Starting off the year Mellow

Hey friends I hope your Sundays are going collectively on a good path. Here in Vietnam, its slow... the sky is gray, the excitement over newyears is fading and were back to the world... almost.

Personally I am looking forward to a lot of things in this new year. but before those things can develop and grow there should be those down times taking it nice and slow... still feeling a little sick my lower back is still a bit edgy... So it was a soft walk with puppy dog, and a game of chess (* that yes I lost)... For me on my Sunday.

Really need to find more things to do, going a bit crazey sitting home working all the time.. :/ But, big things are moving, they will be here soon.

Adventure and growth just around the bend.


The buildings rising up in this store which is horribly named "Meat Pplus"... if you're wondering what the "Plus" is.. Well, literally it's more meat. It's just a place with meat... I walked by a few times, meat meat meat... and kind of weird ...



the opening moves of the lovely game of chess next week, I am goig to try to and try to take a time-lapse photo of the game!


Just 2 photos today I'm sure bring you some more exciting imagery tomorrow.

Much love my friends.




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Thanks for reading my post, you inspire me to keep posting!


Keep the spirit up, friend, I hope this new year will be the best for us, especially for our daily activities to relieve back pain, but the struggle is still enthusiastic 💪 Happy welcoming the new year.

@albanna , true true... We gotta keep fighting, fighting every day!