Photo52 - Week # 25 - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you and to all #hive parents.

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Hello Hive friends. For week # 25 of the @photo52 contest we have the theme: Father's Day.

Next Sunday June 21 we will be celebrating parents. For those of you who have your father alive, it is time to pamper him and for those who do not, like me, we can pay tribute to his memory.

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Letter to my two Dads:

Yes, you read correctly, 2 dads. I had the happiness of having two incredible beings like my parents. Today Father's Day I want to pay tribute to these two people who influenced my maintenance, education and the person I am today.

I have a lot to thank, God first and then them, who accepted me as their daughter and I received from them all the love that in their way they could give me.

My biological father, I did not have the fortune to grow up with him, due to problems that always exist in couples. I continued seeing him until I was 12 years old, from there I did not know more about him, but I keep his memories in my memory as if I were seeing him.

I remember that he lived in a nearby city, and every month he made us call with a relative who made contact with him. My sister and I were sent with an aunt as a representative since we were minors.

When we got there, he received us with the things he had bought for us, then he took us around the town to buy the things that we both wanted and he made us measure clothes and shoes.

I remember that we visited him in a cinema, yes, he lived there. Behind the big screen hahaha. As we passed the screen, there were some steps that led to the room where we settled down for a few days.

I never heard from him again, one day my sister was told that he had been contacted and we set out on a trip to see him. We traveled kilometers, the car had an accident, but the illusion of seeing our father was greater than all those obstacles. We did not find him, nobody gave us reason for him and they told us that they did not know him.

On the other hand, when I returned home, there was always my mother's husband. The one that I asked him one day: What should I call you? My other two brothers called him, sir. I didn't like the idea, so I called him Dad.

My father gave me his last name, which I did not have from my biological father, he was pleased to recognize all 4 of us as his children, why not call him Dad?

My memories of him are all pleasant, we never lacked for anything and I never saw a rejection of him for me. When the school lists arrived we had them the next day, what they had asked for and more. We never listen: Tell your father to contribute something for you!

That never came out of his mouth, he played with me and helped me do chores. He had mistakes, like everyone, he never raised his hand. The father who gave me his love in a surname is no longer there, he died 35 years ago, but today is a very special day to remember him, although I always have it in my heart.

Today wherever you are I bless you and I thank God for giving me such a beautiful gift to have two Dads like them.

I still miss them like the first day and it will be until the last day of my life.


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For all Hive Dads, and to you:

H A P P Y F A T H E R ´ S D A Y

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You are fortunate that you had two special role models. Father’s Day is something we celebrated today and we celebrate love aswel life is to short so we have to take all we can get , nice images Isabel

Thank you to you friend @brittandjosie for your kind words. I thank God for that experience of having two parents, it was very beautiful.

What a truly wonderful memory. Thank you so much for sharing!