Steller Sea Lions Alaska

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Rugged, isolated, teeming with life. Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus) congregate at a remote rookery that we sailed past in South East Alaska. Also known as the Northern Sea Lion, they are the largest of the Otariid (eared seal) family with adult males reaching up to 3.4 m in length (11 feet) and weighing up to 1,120 kg (2,500 pounds ). In contrast to true seals, sea lions can turn their hind flippers forward for walking on land.

Despite limited historical economic value the lions were still hunted commercially in the 19th Century for their skin, meat, oil, and whiskers (which were sold for use as tobacco-pipe cleaners). Added to the list of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife in 1990; the eastern population of the Steller sea lion was removed from the list in November 2013 after having grown from about 18,000 in 1979 to over 70,000 in 2010. The genetically distinct western population is still however listed as threatened and a controversial cull still exist in Japan, allowing 1030 Steller Sea Lions to be culled over a 5 year period, with the belief that the sea lions compete with their commercial fisheries.


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I've always wanted to go to Alaska...It's the wilderness aspect I guess, the simplicity of nature although I know life there is far from simple considering the weather and terrain.

Mate you would love Alaska. It is raw and wild. The only risk is you would never come back and end up living in some remote hunting cabin for the rest of your life ;-)

Haha...Yeah, that's the danger I guess...I'd love that too although I'm not quite sure my winter-skills would be up to the task...Southern son and all. Still, it looks amazing and I really hope to get there.

Nice info. Very fitting post for Earth Day.

Thanks. Did not know it was even Earth Day.

A really nice setting for this Sea Lion shot, works great with the mountains in the background!


Excelente información y hermosa fotografía! saludos.


Amazing, what a beautiful place.

Alaska is one of the most amazing undeveloped places left on this blue ball of ours.

No matter how remote the animals need protection, nice to read the numbers increased substantially, now to try keep those numbers up.

Thanks for interesting insight along with excellent photography, what a delightful place to experience seeing these animals in.

Yes; even in the remote places in the world ecosystems are collapsing. We are at a tipping point in a lot of ways. And for someone like myself who spends my life visiting these places it is obvious but for people in the cities it seems like a distant issue.

I'm generally fascinated by how these things can lumber up rocks that look like they would be difficult to scale given that they have not much to grip with XD

Must have been cool watching them all chilling :)

Yes they seem so ill suited to land.

Amazing work🙏


Amazing photography! In my country, Uruguay, there is one of the largest colonies of sea lions in the world, it is a spectacle to see them.

Cool. I have only spent a very small time in Uruguay (visiting Colonia del Sacramento). Would love to spend more time there.

nice! the next time maybe! Im ffrom a tiny town near Punta del Este, Let me know if you go!
or just come to Bariloche where i am now! haha

Would love to ; coivd making things hard at the moment so we are just hanging out in the eastern Caribbean.

yaah fkn coivd! but not a bad place to be for you!