Smokey Jasper Sunset

There were about 140 fires burning in BC and more in Alberta with a lot of smoke drifting across the Rockies when I took this photo. The laminar nature of the smoke mixed with scattered cloud does however make for some beautiful light beams over the mountains. Jasper National Park, Alberta. Canada

I actually took this shot hand held standing on the roof of our camper on the side of the road. Just saw the light as we were driving and had to pull over. Taken with a Canon EOS 6D and Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM at 35.0 mm, f/5, 1/50s, ISO 100.


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Robert Downie
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Was that back in 2015?

2017; which is when BC had the mass fires and evacuations.

I drive through that beautiful park on Highway 93 on a regular basis. It's always a stunning sight.

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Yep never gets old. I have travelled the world more than most and those roads particularly the icefields parkway are world class.

I guess it must be an amazing experience....

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That must have been 2017, the year we moved over there. I remember looking out at the smoky Vancouver skyline and thinking, I didnt know Canada burned like Australia.

yep it was brutal. the north was like pea soup for about a month.

Least the fires made some interesting lighting? x_x it is a beautiful shot :)

They sometimes do but mostly just obscure everything with gray smog

This photo is really awesome !


Informative photography capture, you are great

Thanks; very kind of you.

Amazing view 🤩😊