Paso John Gardner and the Paine Circuit

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My wife crossing the Paso John Gardner (1241m or 4071ft) on the Torres del Paine Circuit which is sometimes called the O circuit. The pass crosses over the western ridge of the Massif Paine in Patagonian Chile and down towards glacier Gray. The hike goes though some of the most remote and beautiful areas of Patagonia. We spent 10 days walking the circuit and its side trails carrying all of our own equipment and provisions for the hike. We hiked in the middle of summer but the weather in Patagonia is such that we had snow fall on several of the days.


The shot below gives you an idea of how steep the terrain is in parts. It is of a ladder assisted crossing of one of the many steep gullies above Glaciar Grey when travelling between Campamento Paso and Refugio Grey. Climbing up and down freezing ladders with very heavy packs (close to 30kg (66lbs) each) is harder than it looks.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

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i am not made for that ladder :)

I am sure you could go down it easily enough; the question is would you be alive when you go to the bottom ;-)

it is not falling that kills you it is the sudden stop at the end :)

Great that's very tough


Oh, God. I'm glad I never went that far into the park after sneaking inside, as I'd be in serious troubble.

lol I am sure you would be fine

Sounds pretty hard x_x that looks like one hell of a hike, definitely well out of my rating XD

It was an epic hike.

That looks like an epic hike! Not too confident on the ladder though. Heights are not my strong point.

You would be fine I am sure ! The main issue was the weight of the packs for such a long hike.