Outback Camping and Autovotes

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A quick note to say that Hive.vote has reduced everyone's auto votes by default to 2 posts per week per author! You can see the announcement here. Everyone can log in and change this manually however a lot of passive investors will not even notice the change for many months and will simply loose their curation rewards and be disappointed with their HIVE investment. I have some sympathy for what they are trying to do in removing autovote abuse; however for individuals who produce quality content for a living the auotvote trails for trusted content are one of the key things that keep content producers here working on posting quality works in a similar way to Patreon. Changing the weekly default to a multiple of your daily limit would have been more fair and allowed people to individually reduce the weekly limit for followers they thought were abusing the system. The reality is however that if someone is abusing your auto vote trust you are likely to just remove them completely. Or if they are intentionally abusing it with shitposting linked to a 2nd account then they will simply update their settings. I have really appreciated everyone who signed me up to their autovote trail over the years and hope it has been a mutually beneficial relationship. I will still be here producing my content, and encourage you to log into hive.vote and set your limits to what you see as fair for all of your key fanbase.

I took this shot while remote outback camping in Mutawintji National Park, New South Wales, Australia. The intensity of the stars in outback Australia are something that need to be experienced to be believed.


I shot this using a Canon EOS 6D with a manual focus Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED at ISO 1600, f/1.4 and 20s exposure time.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie - http://www.robertdowniephotography.com


It's crazy I understand they're trying to curb abuse but then this is crazy, how about people who don't have the chance to manually curate? I'll say I would have supported their move, but two per week? That's not cool. Not a nice move

Yes. 7 per week would be more sensible. Really it should be to stop 7 per day.

Seven per week is fine honestly

Awesome shot to the the stars and the fire!

Thanks. How are things in Utah with the lockdown situation ?

I am in Arizona. I went to Utah a couple of weeks ago to see my brother and am going back this next week. It is nice cause he is living out in the open country so it was great for social distancing. This time we will be able to go to Zion and Bryce Canyon as they are opening up. Arizona is good, yesterday most things opened up.

Ahh sorry I probably should have remembered that. I would love to get to Zion.

Yep this next week we will visit zion a few times

Stop it already !

I am super excited. No, problem I have been posting a lot from Utah.

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the headsup and a fantastic photo!

Thanks. Appreciate your support.

Can't see the photo, it does not upload. Not sure if it is me or hive server.
I agree with you on the auto vote. They should implement more developed options instead of just take it or leave it.
I did send you an email on your webpage.

Even if you refresh the page? Not sure what is going on then. I host my own images but then the interface (PeakD or Hive.blog) cache it and show you the cache.

I just responded to the email.

I get it, there are pros and cons. For example I always upvote you because you put out consistent quality posts, and I auto-vote. Now if I wasn’t able to auto-vote, I’d miss out on the curation and be less likely to vote after as I’d miss the reward. The cons, well there are those that put out a mixture of quality and mediocre, and unfortunately the mediocre get the vote. Sometimes I do go back and adjust those votes though. Great shot, as usual.

That's what gets me, people still have to set their autovotes to vote those mediocre posts. And with this change one can just go in and change their settings back to upvote their mediocre posts if they have a vested interest to do so. That is the issue; this really only hits passive investors who don't see the change. Which is exactly who we don't want to hit as when they see their curation rewards drop (without really even knowing) they will just up and sell hive . It does nothing to stop abuse.

Good to know! Thanks. I go in spurts and a lot of times don't find time to vote manually, so I rely on Hive.vote.

Yes a lot of people do.

Damn, those guys by the fire must have been stoned or something, coming out that sharp on a 20 sec exposure lol

Great shot btw :)

lol; it sure is peaceful out there.

The stars are so bright and numerous! And the people must have been really chill staring at the campfire XD Firepit at someone's house?

No not at anyones house; its prob 300km from a a house. That's our popup camper on the back right.

Oh wow really out in the middle of nowhere :D thought it was someone's house as there looked like a house shaped object in the near background and the fire looks like it's in a firepit.

Yes it would be 3 days drive from the nearest reasonable city.

Yeah just saw that update good thing is that a change can be done manually but i guess most of the people won't do it good for Hive as an ecosystem we have seen how badly it impacted the steem blockchain lately well we will have to wait and see the results whether it will be positive or negative....anyways that shot is so incredible with long exposure simply loving it the stars around wow

Yes in the long run its a meaningless change.