Kilcooley Abbey

Kilcooley Abbey was a Cistercian abbey dating from 1182 close to the village of Gortnahoe in Tipperary, Ireland. The carved archway in this shot leads to the Sacristy and has many carvings, such as a scene depicting the crucifixion and a mermaid holding a mirror, which was thought to depict vanity. After the Reformation and its abandonment, Kilcooley passed into the possession of the Earl of Ormond. It was granted to the English-born judge Sir Jerome Alexander in the 1630s and through his daughter, Elizabeth, it passed by marriage to the Barker baronets of Bocking Hall, the last of whom died in 1818.


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Place seems mysterious

It is a bit creepy to be honest .

Jeez that thing is a serious case of ancient. They really built them to last then XD There's a lot of texture in there O_O

Yep lots of stories in those walls.