Have you ever seen an ice jam ?

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The deep freeze in December 2016 in Northern British Columbia saw consistent temperatures between -20C and -30C (-4F and -22F) that caused the ice jam on the Nechako River in Prince George. The town declared a Level 1 emergency when the ice jam reached the confluence of the Fraser River.


Ice jams cause the river level to rise and can lead to flooding and damage to the structural integrity of bridges . The ice in an ice jam is dangerous and unstable and not suitable for walking on.


This final shot of the ice jam is an attempt to capture the chaos of the jam, and is best viewed in high resolution as a lot of the messy detail is lost on the small screen. The section of the jam in front of me has collapsed allowing a small creek to flow over it which itself has quickly frozen.


These shots are all taken with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM on a Canon 6D. They are all 16mm at f8, and about 1/160 second exposure time and ISO 100.

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I can see how ice jams could be a problem x_x

The blue in the ice is so pretty though.

They are beautiful as long as they are not crushing into your city ;-)

Brr! I feel cold now.

Lovely images though, especially like the composition on the first shot.


That looks amazing! How thick is that ice? Looks about 0.5m?

Prob about 40cm I would guess.