Boho Holly - Shot in Adelaide, South Australia by @holoz0r : Part Two (12 more retouched images!)

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Hello again!

Here's part two of the shoot with Holly that had a certain Boho vibe and styling to it. You can find the prior images (in case you missed it!) in this post.

This was shot in a community park in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide. We got a lot of good images out of this shoot, which I why I'm splitting this into two posts.

Shot on my D750 bodies, with the Tamron 24-70 F/2.8 and 70-200 F/2.8, both being the G2 models. They're sharp lenses. Use of the AD200 as a supplement to the natural light, as well.


I focused on an editorial style for the majority of this shoot, ensuring there was plenty of light, to balance out the powerful sun that flowed in behind Holly. Light retouching took place on these images in Photoshop, with a small amount of frequency separation, dodge, burn, and lens / perspective correction.












Model: Holly Boon
Make Up Artist: Jay Jay's Glitz and Glam
Photographer: @holoz0r

Thanks for dropping by. Please let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions at all about my process, ask! I love to share my knowledge. Feedback and critique welcomed! 750_8407.jpg

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She's a little shorter than I thought. Which means the Germans have been digging in the wrong place.

Bendy knees to get the sun in the right place.

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these have written all over them!

Thanks mate, I've got a few that are candidates for sure.

I'm quietly tokenising some more of the fine-art series I've done with Holly. I'll be helping to set an account up for her and splitting the proceeds, and of course, have model releases for the work! :)

All over it! Thanks for continuing to BUIDL!

I was thinking it should be BoHolly but there is something about Boho Holly XD

Love the one where she's walking away and all the playing in the leaves ones :)

The fill light works really nicely here to even things out and I still have those shadows I rely way too much on XD

BoHolly was an idea I played with for a very long time for this post. :D