Boho Holly - Shot in Adelaide, South Australia by @holoz0r : Part One (6 images, plus behind the scenes!)

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I've been editing images like a complete madman lately. I've had a lot of hits (and not many misses) - along with a busy schedule for running around doing all those things that enable me to continue functioning as a human.

This shoot was as always, a combination of natural light and flash from my favourite piece of equipment, the Godox AD200.

I've worked with Holly a lot, and we have an excellent working relationship, know how each other functions during a Photoshooot - so the flow and production of images is something that we can get into very quickly.

This was shot in a community park in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide. We got a lot of good images out of this shoot, which I why I'm splitting this into two posts.


Here's a behind the scenes image of me capturing the above moment:


Sunlight streams in from behind where this shot is taken, and the flash lights up the foreground, and balances the sun, through the softbox. The softbox is held by the ever patient @ursa in this image.

Anyway, back to the real shots!






I focused on an editorial style for the majority of this shoot, ensuring there was plenty of light, to balance out the powerful sun that flowed in behind Holly. Light retouching took place on these images in Photoshop, with a small amount of frequency separation, dodge, burn, and lens / perspective correction.

Model: Holly Boon
Make Up Artist: Jay Jay's Glitz and Glam
Photographer: @holoz0r

Thanks for dropping by. Please let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions at all about my process, ask! I love to share my knowledge. Feedback and critique welcomed!


Amazing photography with beautiful focus!

Thank you! The Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 G2 and 70-200 G2 are incredibly sharp :)

Excellent work.

Thank you! Lots more to come, been editing like a madman over the last week!

I love the behind the scenes stuff. It shows how much effort and understanding goes into these things.

It's a lot more effort than what it looks like, more than going to somewhere pretty with cameras and clicking a few buttons! There's planning, getting ready, checking where the sun is going to be in the sky relative to the location, and many other assorted things to worry about.

Then there's getting to the location itself...

Yeah I can imagine... You must feel great when it all comes together.

what an edgy looking model. you never can tell which way the wind will blow.

I feel like in forever going to be confused by the lack of shadow on your fill light outdoor shots 😆

You really know how to pick the opening shots 🙃

Thank you. There's some shadows in some upcoming work. Not sure whether to be happy about that or not... :P

No shadows is kind of developing into a signature look for you 😜

Um on the bright side I’ll be less confused if there’s shadows? 🤣

No, on the bright side, there are no shadows :P They're only on the dark side...