Nature phtograph - shoting corn garden at klothok coffee shop

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Hi everyone, this time I want to show you the photos that I found on last Sunday when I and some of my friends visited one of the famous places in Yogyakarta. The place is a Klothok coffee shop. Here I show you how the place looks.


At first glance, you must think how this place can be called a place for having the coffee right? Of course, this place is indeed a place to have coffee, it's just that what makes this place interesting is that apart from the presentation of the coffee, this place is also decorated with views of corn gardens that really spoil the eyes.

![img_0.0896511573014914.jpg]() ------------------------------------------------- ![img_0.9606005662051234.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------

This place is never empty of visitors, but almost every day this place is busy, even the queue to order it is very long. It's just that during the early days of the Corona era, this place was certainly quiet due to the prohibition on leaving the house, but when it entered the new normal period this place was again flooded with visitors.

![img_0.8267183281502071.jpg]() ------------------------------------------------- ![img_0.9056406553165851.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------

This place is also famous because many state officials in Indonesia visited it, one of which was President Jokowi. In almost every trip he takes the time to enjoy coffee in that place. In addition, this place is also visited by several famous artists in Indonesia.

![img_0.9129419033443317.jpg]() ------------------------------------------------- ![img_0.12815433781357619.jpg]()

Apart from coffee shops, this place is also often used for photo shoots of newlyweds. The beauty and simplicity of this place makes the visitors never get bored there. In the end, this place became one of the favorite places in Yogyakarta.


If you want to visit a Klothok coffee shop, it's very easy. You can trace it via google map. Specifically, this place is located at Jalan Kaliurang No.KM.16, Rice Field Area, Pakembinangun, Yogyakarta Special Region.

![img_0.5585077594688467.jpg]() **the photos taked by : xiomi redmi not 9 pro** **target of photos : corn garden** **Location : Aceh, Indonesia** **Edited on : lightroom and snapseed**




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