Nature Photograph - Knowing the beuty of Red Dahlia

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Hi everyone, this time I will show you a beautiful flower that is very charming. I got a lot of photos while I was in takengon. Here are the photos.


Knowing the flower

In Latin this flower have name as Dahlia. however the name will change according to the color of the flower, because this flower is red, so the flower is called a red dahlia. This flower is called Dahlia after an 18th century Swedish botanist named Anders Dahl. This flower originated from Mexico, and later this flower became Mexico's national flower.


more information about the flower

Dahlia flower are a type of plant that grows upwards, not vines. The leaves are oval with small serrated. The flowers are deep red and have many layers of petals. This flower is a type of tuber plant. Dahlia flowers including flowers that have been introduced too late, so the world is late getting to know this type of flower. However, the popularity of the Dahlia flower in the world is very widespread.

Dahlia flower is a type of ornamental flower. The deep and dense red color of the flowers makes people amazed when they see them. So that the Dahlia flower is an important asset for the cut flower industry and ornamental potted plants.

Here's more photos about Dahlia flower




the photos taking by : xiomi redmi not 9 pro
target of photos : Red Dahlia
Location : Aceh, Indonesia
Edited on : snapseed





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Beautiful Flower 😋

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