Nature Photograph - (jasminun sambac the meaningful flower)

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Hi everyone, on this occasion I will show you photos of beautiful flowers that we are very familiar with, especially Asian residents. I took this photo from the flower garden in my yard. Well, without lingering any longer I will show it to you.


Knowing the flower

In Latin the name of this flower is called Jasminum sambac. Indonesians people this flower is called by "bunga melati putih" Or white jasmine flower. At first this flower came from South Asia to be precise India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Then this flower was known to many other Asian residents, until this flower became a symbol of the national flower of the Philippines and became one of the 2 national flowers of Indonesia or called "puspa nation".


plant morphology

Jasmine is a type of vine flower. Although like that this flower growth also grows upward. In one bud this flower can grow many stems. The stems of this flower are small, towering, and slightly sideways. The stems of this plant are brown and the leaves are dark green. The flowers are bright white and open. The shape of the leaves is widened but not too big and oval at the tip. The roots of this plant are single and hard and hard to break. This flower growth can reach three meters from the new shoots which are about 0.3 m in size.


Somethings that you should know about flower

This flower does look simple. But be aware that in some areas this flower is known to be sacred and full of meaning. In the Philippines, jasmine is the national flower for them. Special celebrations such as weddings are sure to make this flower a beautiful decoration. Usually the people of the Philippines make this flower as a necklace decoration, flower arrangement, and decoration on the crown.

Indonesia is also among those who make this flower a national flower or what is often referred to as the "nation's puspa". For the people of Indonesia, jasmine flowers have a very deep meaning and philosophy. The white color of this flower indicates purity and wisdom, then the fragrance of this flower means sincerity and gentleness. Therefore, this flower is often symbolized as a hero.

In addition, this flower is also a decorative flower on special occasions such as weddings and regional inaugurations. In Java, for example, at a wedding ceremony these flowers are collected and made into jasmine roncean, then formed into a head covering for the bride, and for the groom it is decorated with a keris placed on the waist. Then this flower is also used as a special flower that is put into the water for the newlyweds to bathe. This is believed to be a prayer that something good in this flower will be transmitted to the newlyweds and to smell the water smells good. For the Javanese people this is an important thing, because this custom has been done from their ancestors.


Flower usability

Jasminum sambac is a flower that has many uses. Apart from ornamental plants and water deodorizer, this flower is also considered a natural medicine. People believe this flower soaking water can accelerate blood circulation in the body. Usually this flower is soaked in warm tea and drunk.


Now I'll show you all photos.





the photos taking by : xiomi redmi not 9 pro
target of photos : Jasminum sambac
Location : Aceh, Indonesia
Edited on : snapseed






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