Weekend trip Ardenne Belgium! Hiking and urbex exploring!

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I am going to the national park Ardennen in Belgium this weekend. We want to do some hiking and doing some Urbex exploring :p
Urbex is kind of new for me, i visited some small places but couple of weeks ago i visited an old powerplant in Belgium. You can climb in the big chimney! Took my drone for a spin in there and that was very scary to fly there. Also because they have very strikt rules in Belgium about drone flying!
Tis picture i took was underneath in the chimney! Looks like a picture from a star-wars movie! :) Yep that's me, doing an Instagram influence post :D


Thats my partner in crime Joyce posing for me to get a glimps of the scale of this building!


A topdown drone shot made with my DJI mavic pro 2.


Can you see the structure of the building in my first picture?
Today we are going to visit an abandon hospital and tomorrow we visit a industrial area.

Lats picture is a look up from the center of the chimney!



Manually curated by EwkaW from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you :)

Great shots!

Thank you Revo!

What an extraordinarily dynamic place to explore, love it.
I also love how you have framed and captured each picture.
Have a nice day...

Thank you very much, i made these pictures with my canon 14mm prime lens :) Love that thing!

Wow that really looks insanely big and quite great pictures :)
I'd probably be too scared to go exploring such buildings, but the pictures are awesome :) haha

Its so fun to do, makes you feel alive :D

haha I can imagine, I always enjoy it seeing the pictures of people who went urbex exploring. But some places also same a bit scary if you ask me because of the abandoned state :)

That's why we don't go in alone! And its a little bit part of the buss :D

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Thank you @priyanarc :D

That first picture could make out the poster of a game or a movie, lol. I love it!

Hahah thanks :) if you have the connections let me know :p