The John S. Thompson bridge! A WWII story!

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This is the John S. Thompson bridge in the Netherlands!

It got his name after WWII and is named after first lieutenant John S. Thompson who was droped in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden.

The paratroopers who where led by the first lieutenant, got a late cal to jump out of the airplane and missed their target! Thompson led to jumpers to an open field where they jumped safely.

This bridge was in hands of German soldiers and heavily protected. Thompson and his man attacked the Germans and defeated them. The paratroopers destroyed every singel piece of electrical equipment on the bridge because they maybe could have been boobytrap and blown up if the bridge was taken by the allied forces.

This was a very important bridge because it helpt liberate the city of Nijmegen.
And no, this was not the bridge of the book and movies "A bridge to far" I do have pictures of the bridge, maybe if you give me lots of likes i wil post pictures and a story of that bridge soon ;)




Wow, thats really pretty!

Thank you, was very lucky that evening :D