Discovering some more gems! (5 pics)

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Man they keep coming, i discovered some more nice pictures that i didn't processed last year.
Around the same day as my post of yesterday. I met these woman during my walk trough the Speulder forest in the Netherlands, i know who they where because we follow each other on Instagram but we never have met before! Those are the nice encounters on a day like that. Like minded photographers. We spend the morning photographing together.







Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you :)

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Yeah, cheers mate :D

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 2 months ago 

That first photo is absolutely stunning! 😍 How fun too meet someone you know from Instagram, and had not planned the meeting! 😃

Yes thats always fun but this part of the woods are very popular during the autumn season! On a good morning you can find photographers every where! This is the location on instagram :)

Great shots @haastrecht isn't it great when you meet someone IRL that you've known for a while online?
For some reason, my online acquaintances avoid opportunities for us to meet in person.
I guess I'm not perceived as a good person maybe? 🤣

Maybe because you don't live in a small country like me :D

I love all the photos. The fog really boosts the atmosphere of any photo. 😀

That are the best conditions a little fog. Sometime i feel more of a weather man than a photographer :p