Photographing a Blacksmith at work at the smithy museum!

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Probably the title says it all, photographing a blacksmith was hight on my to do list, taking you back to december 2020, my last assignment for the year. There is a small smithy museum in the town of Nieuwkoop in the Netherlands and i got the opportunity to photograph the blacksmith at work. The circumstances where pretty bad, dark, warm and a very smal place. My glasses fogged up because of my mouth mask so I could not see if the focus was correct! My focus was to pull off a minimum exposure of 1/60 seconds so there would not be motion blur. ISO up 5000 and even more was the result of that.  Action shotAction shot

Starting of with my best picture of that day, the action sparks flying picture. ISO was a bit lower here because of the light from outside. just in burst mode at 5 frames a second. Very happy with this one :D 


The first forges in Nieuwkoop date from the 14th century and were located at someones home. Not that coal was available as fuel, nor iron (that remains the secret of the Smid), but there was a great demand for ironwork from Amsterdam as the largest trading center. Cutting knives and pickaxes and fishing equipment were massively manufactured. Later also tools for peat farming, construction and agriculture.

The forges became important to the life and economy of Nieuwkoop. In the 18th and 19th century this resulted in over 200 servants working on the bellows or with the hammer on the anvil and some blacksmiths earned as much as 50,000 dollars a year. In these times it is a normal income, imagine back then...

Industrialization in the early 20th century brought an end to the forge era of Nieuwkoop and the home forges slowly disappeared. When te las black smith, Mr. Verkley, died in 1980, the last blacksmith at home was done. The ruined house and the neglected blacksmith shop were then turned into a museum.

Pictures without flames when't up to ISO 5000 on F2.8
Pictures wit flames ISO whent from 1600 to 3200 at F2.8
The equipment, Canon 6D mark II Close upps with the Canon 24-70 F2,8 and wide angle with the Canon 14mm F2.8 Mark II 

The website of the museum!  

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I love the grading you chose for your pictures! Very atmospheric, warm and sweaty. Love it!

Thanks :D

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Thank you @EwkaW :)

Every one of these are absolutely perfect. Such a great way to capture the feel. They're totally cinematic. Great work! Have a !BEER and I think? I can call @tipu we'll see.

Thank you so much for the compliment :D I was just taking a sip of my beer reading this :D

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Ohh I think it has to be @tipu curate.

Haha thanks, already got a beer from you :p

Your photos are absolutely stunning :))

Thank you so much :D

I am not a photographer, I do not know that art of photographing and capturing what you want.

But I see passion and strength in the blacksmith, I think that being able to transmit or capture through a photograph is beautiful.

Very good photos gentleman, greetings.

Thank you so much, just before this shoot there was a camera crue filming him, so he already was used to a camera tha day :D

That's great😎✌️

Beautiful very beautiful a lot of old knowledge with the pleasure of forging is just a question of whether the blacksmith forges or enjoys the sparks flying around ... and knowledge is old with old metals less and less metal and knowledge less nice to see how traficia continues

They where very passionate with the things they did :D

a true masterpiece :D

Wonderful photos! I'm always so intrigued by this kind of workers.

Thank you, I had a beer with them afterwards, it was quite fun and they told me a lot about there lives and there "old days" stories :p

Well, I have seen blacksmiths already very often, but I always enjoy watching them. Your photos are really great!

Thank you, this was my first time :p

very convincing photos! especially given the poor lighting inside the place. great job!

Thank you very much :D

These shots are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your great photography! I can feel the warmth from over here... =)

Thank you so much, really tried to capture the atmosphere :D

The warmth, heat, and labor really come through. You did excellent in portraying and capturing the atmosphere!

Wow me encantan esas fotos maravillosas y que tengas la oportunidad de viajar y captar con el lente esos efectos....

Thank you, yes we ar not totally band from traveling trough the country.

Wow, what an interesting experience😮
You have captured all the details very well
Pictures of the blacksmith in work look very atmospheric

Thank you, yes i am very happy wit those pictures to :D

That's nice:)

In my school years, I went to the blacksmith shop a little and learned blacksmithing.
Wonderful photos!

I wood love to make my own knife sometime :p

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Wow, the textures and colors of all that metal in that lighting makes for some amazing photos. I'm sure it was even more magical in person. Thanks for sharing!

It was a very nice shoot, I am glad they asked me :D