Hopefully the pictures talk for themselves

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My whole life I have the same problem. I cannot concentrate in one thing. Probably that's why I was never specialized in one type of photography. Even the years that I was full time in the studio I was constantly jumping from fashion to furniture and from jewellery to food photography, having a bunch of miscellaneous clients to satisfy. Not the best strategy to built a carrier but I tend to be allergic into doing the exact same thing over and over again.




But even in simpler things like this post for example. I just finished editing a few shots from a rather extended dog walk at the mountain above our village. So far so good! The thing is that those pictures should have been 3 different posts. One for the mesmerizing beauty of the caper flower, one for caper foraging and a third one rather technical about taking macro pictures without a macro lens.






Instead I am mumbling about irrelevant and random thoughts and I haven't even told you what those pictures are about. But I guess the pictures talk for themselves, aren't they?





Anyway it's pretty simple.

  • Living in a rural area.
  • Foraging becomes a second nature.
  • Caper pickle is delicious.
  • Flowers all over.
  • Camera with me.

If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them in the comments, tomorrow. Now it's time for my beauty sleep :)







All the pictures and the words are mine.

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If there would be a smartphone to take such great pics. I love the idea of an all around camera but I realize that quite some time will pass till smartphones will become more capable. I a ´m thinking lately more and more of buying myself a DSLR. Indeed, another great post.

Mirrorless cameras are supposed to fill that gap although I remain a DSLR lover with a broken back :)

And we are the lucky recipients of you out in this beautiful part of the world with your camera!

And I am lucky to have people who appreciate my pictures, around:)

I never knew they have such beautiful flowers!

Oh yes, they are gorgeous!

Very beautiful flowers bloom and your photography looks great.

Thank you @sreypov, I am glad you like it!

We have capers only canned, so I had no idea their flowers look so amazing. I wish we could eat the flowers instead.

Yes, they are so beautiful!
Thank you for stopping by :)