Get well soon Rosanne!

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This was meant to be a photography post but before I finish it, I did a break from editing the pictures, to see what's going on at hive. And I read this post by @soyrosa. And I can't take my mind off it.


Rosanne is one of the first persons that I had the pleasure to meet when I joined steem, back in 2018 and she was a beacon of light during my first faltering steps into a world completely unknown and partly intimidating.




I owe her a lot. For all the support, the inspiration and the help that she gave me but most of all for been so human in an environment with faceless usernames and for showing me that this place can be as real as we want it to be.




And now she is in crucial crossroad of her life. And she deserves all the encouragement and support and positive vibes she can get. As a tiny symbolic gesture, I want to dedicate those pictures to her, along with my deepest and most sincere wishes to get well soon.




For sure you have a long path in front of you Rosanne but hopefully you'll step out of it healthy and strong enough to continue your life without limitations and to enjoy all those things that was, so unfairly, deprived from you. Good luck!




The pictures are from a trip I did in the past, at Paxi, part of the Ionian Greek islands. That area has a fascinating coastline and mesmerizing sea water and it is advisable to use a boat to fully appreciate it! I just started picking and editing from a folder with 2000 shots that I took during that trip, so you may see some more in the days to come :)




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All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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This is SO sweet @fotostef! I remember so much of your journey on Steem and now Hive and how you've grown in one of the most loyal content makers on the blockchain <3 This post makes me smile because it's coming from you and I feel like I know the kind heart it comes from, for lack of better words. You and your girlfriend will get a visit from me someday somewhere in Greece, be warned :D This place really is as real as we want it to be and I somehow know we'll meet someday.

Thanks for this post, it really made me smile <3

I am sure we'll meet one day too and it would be great :)
Best whishes also from Fotini, we both hope to see you soon and well!

Aww, this is so nice :)) The post by Rosa that you mentioned also made me upset... She is such a lovely person, always willing to help, always positive... I really wish we had more Rosas not just here on Hive but in the real world too. I think we all hope and wish she will get better soon.

Say that again!
Thank you for stopping by!

Nahhh don't make me blush! <3

What a great way to remember a friend by. I hope she gets better soon too!

I guess we all do!

Stunning pictures and amazing thoughts for @soyrosa. I didn't know about her problems but I just read her post and I'm also willing to send my best wishes with the hope that soon she will feel better and the life will bring a huge smile on her face! Be strong!

Thank you @gabrielatravels!

<3 Thank you!

And my tweet!

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Thanks a lot!

You're welcome!

These photos are stunning I'm sure it would make anyone feel so much better

Thanks a lot @livinguktaiwan, I sure hope so :)

So nice!


Absolutely stunning shots! I love the rock formations and I love the water. I know! I just love Greece and what is not to love!

Beautiful, heartfelt tribute and I wish you luck in the contest!

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Thank you so much @dswigle, it is an amazing place indeed!

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