Winter at the beach

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Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 2.jpg

Winter at the beach: no people, no heat, just sand, wind and waves.
To me this is the best time to go and enjoy the silence.

All those were shot in February in Lagoa de Albufeira. The beach is wide with very fine sand and all surrounded by higher dunes with some natural park. The place is equally cool in the summer as the ocean water runs deep inside the land and creates shallow lagoon. It is normally full of people, windsurfers, fisherman and birds. In winder the connecting river is closed and no waves come in.

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 4.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 11.jpg

See anyone? :)

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 1.jpg

No people - no rubbish. Just some pieces of wood and plants that the waves thrown to the shore.
Even seagulls are gone since there is no free lunch now.

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 10.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 3.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 6.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 7.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 8.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 5.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 9.jpg

And then the day is gone.

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 12.jpg

Lagoa de Albufeira Feb 13.jpg

Shot with Lumix DMC-FZ8
All photos and text are my own.

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Sure would like to fish that beach. Maybe not in the winter time but it looks an angler could do well from the shore. Does it drop off quickly or can you wade out a ways? I mean, in the summer. Lol. 😁

I know nothing about fishing so you have to come can check it out! :D
Now sure ocean waves wont be on the way... though there are days that it is really calm.

Cool photos! Another good thing in winter: more wind, more waves! Surf's up, dudeeeeee!! 😎 😎 😉 🤣

Haha yep!
That little lagoon is usually full of windsurfers all year round :)
From the same day:


I love surf... and kite surf seems fun as well! Too bad all the extra equipment, that raises the price tag a lot!

Your photography is awesome 😎

Thank you :)

Very beautiful ,, I really enjoyed the beauty of this beach, friend, thank you very much for showing us the beauty of this nature ,,

Thanks a lot!

I love the beach in the winter too. I hate to get in the water, I don't like crowds, and the power seems to be amplified during colder weather.
Beautiful shots, really.

Thank you!
Hi5! I hardly swim, so the summer on the beach is boring for me. Plus way too many people.
Winter rocks :)

Such a beautiful and peaceful place. And excellent photos! I especially like the one with the black and yellow pole on the beach. The different layers in it, the scenery in the background and the focus on the pole that sticks out so clearly.

Thank you very much!
Yea I like that one too. That yellow really stands out :)

Great place, great photos!

Thank you!

I've never experienced winter on the beach, and after reading your article, it's definitely a thing to try in the future!

I remember when you've mentioned how you're not a heat person...I guess this summons you up completely :)

It is. Just get dressed well. It is much colder than inland.

Yep :D Some extra snow on top of the sand would be a cherry on top.
Like this:


Very soothing photos of this secluded beach! The sand and sea are so glad to be left alone for once!

Thanks! I bet... You can actually enjoy the space and ocean waves without humans jumping in :p

Yup! Such a divine place!


Thank you :)

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Cool! Thanks a lot :))

some great shots there. View is breathtaking

Thank you! Yea.. the view with the waves is worth freezing your cheeks a bit :)

haha always for being invigorated

Nice set of shots, especially ones with the driftwood, or what was it?

Not sure if it was a driftwood (I think driftwood are more polished?). It was a big log though laying here. There are some pines growing higher on dunes. Just be just one of those spending her years in the beach.

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