Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 35 - Looking Up!

in Photography Lovers2 months ago (edited)

Looking Up! It's the theme for @photo52 Week 35 Photo 52 Challenge...

Here's my entry... I am standing under two big trees looking up... And this is my view... Sunlight through the green leaves... There are two different leaves here...


Happy Tuesday to all of you... 😁❤️

Rules can be found here at this post

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Could you re-upload the photo please @elizacheng? For some reason I cannot see it.

Can you see it now? I have re-upload and updated the post. If still can't see it. I do it again via laptop.

Alas, I still cannot see it. Could you try again please?

Uploaded again via peakd.

There it is! Thank you! 😃