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RE: A collection of beautiful wooden doors [ENG-FR]

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Well of course, I left at mall but I have to say that perhaps the second maybe my favorite because I have two pieces of furniture that I bought in France that have very many similarities, including the glass in it. Other than that being the reason that it's my favorite, I love them all because I have always loved the look and the feel of wood. I can run my hands down the length of the wood and I love the feel! Okay I know that that is weird.

In fact, I love all of the doors because I have a fetish for beautiful doors. You have selected some of the prettiest that I have ever seen. Thank you so much starting my day in such a positive manner. After all what is better than looking at Beauty to start your day?

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Oh well no, it's not weird ! wood is a sensual product that has to be touched and caressed 😊 ...okay, now it's weird 😁
I'm happy you are beginning beautifuly the day my dear and wish you a whole week of fun !
Thanks for all my Denise 😘