The Two Fishers

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This scene looked quite snap-able. Here we see a man with fishing gear looking for a new spot to throw his bait and at the same time a heron is scoping out the pond to spot its next catch. While the man is doing it for sport I believe, for the heron, this is survival. In the backdrop we can see the cherry blossoms. I like how my alignment has gotten better, you can see the fence and the trimmed hedge perfectly balanced in the scene.

Camera 📷 Canon M50
Location: Tatebayashi, Japan


Great shot! I'm rooting for the heron. Definitely looks hungrier than the fisherman

Same here , the hero has my vote and it needs to sustain itself. The fisherman will probably go to the convenient store for lunch.

Oh, you know he will. He's jus out there for shits and giggles

Hehe nice shot!😃📸 Fisherman

Haha! I doubt he caught much. 😆

Big up the photographer and the junior fisherman.

You know is stranger dat 😆! Just saw him strolling by as I was about to snap the heron, just got em both.