Meet Titus the Frenchie

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

That smile


When I was taking newborn photos for a friend, they had a French Bulldog named Titus. I have always loved these little dogs and at some point, I would like to get one.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

They are little balls of energy. Titus was trying to get me to play with him the whole time he was around me.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

They are also very photogenic dogs because they want to be around and please you.

What is your favorite type of dog or are you a cat person? Let me know and don't forget to enter your photos of your pets in my weekly photo contest. This week's theme for the Deranged Photography Contest is Pets, so make sure you get some photos and enter them in the contest to win some Hive.


Do you remember Beautiful Bullies? She raised English Bulldogs and was very active with their AKC and did dog photography also. She had a neighbor that got a 'Frenchie' and asked for her help in training. She was just captivated by him.

Anyway, thanks for some great photos. Everytime I drag out the Nikon Sam heads for parts unknown. He's a jerk for photographs. I'll give it a try, though.

Ya I remember her. She had some amazing pictures of her bull dogs. I hope that you are able to get some pictures of Sam for us to see.

My favorites are Samoyeds. If I will ever own a dog I wish it will be a Samoyed.


I guess I'd have to brush him quite often but the sacrifice would be worth such a beauty.

Ya, I know how you would feel. My husky needs brushing just about every day.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 8 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

What a beauty! Very photogenic is Titus. Such a tender face. The fact that he took the black and white photos gave him an interesting touch. Greetings ;)


That frenchie has the cutest face of any I've seen yet!

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Ya he was adorable.

Aww so cute.. ☺️


I just missed playing with a puppy @derangedvisions :(

Well I hope that you get to play with one soon.

Great competition! Need to write a post or just a photo in the comments?

All of the instructions are in the contest post, along with the prizes.

Definitely a dog person. Like cats but not as much as dogs.

I myself tried a macro shot of the eyes of my friends dog. Dogs are a blessing to mankind. In fact most of the animals are.

Ya, dogs really are special.

oh my god he is so cute! These teeth and that hanging ear. 😂

Cute shots! And since they are such energy balls it is especially hard to get a good shot in focus lol


Love all bulldogs, French and English we had a bully a few years back he had the most lovely nature, which helped you overcome his constant farting and high decibel snoring. By far the cutest puppy you could hope to see though, here's a photo of a old paper photo.


Oh my O.O He's adorableeee