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RE: Photography Lovers Contest - New Theme and Winners Announcement!

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Hello. I have been out of the loop here for a few but I would like to submit this photo for the contest. This photo depicts 3 water trees around a drying up lake called Indian Lake in North Ocala, Florida. This area has a hidden Civil War era graveyard and Native America burials here as well. You can also see all sorts of wildlife such as deer, Bob cats, bears and the elusive Bigfoot!

It is a magical place. I have 2 previous posts that show more on this location. Sorry I didn't make a separate post for this as I had literally just posted and I don't like spam posting!

I would like to be entered into the professional tier.

Photo was taken on my Nikon D3400 edited in LR with custom presets.
F2.4 / ISO 500 / 1/1800s / 35mm



nice end of the world edit :)


Very cool

Thanks :)

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