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RE: Outback Camping and Autovotes

in Photography Lovers5 months ago (edited)

I get it, there are pros and cons. For example I always upvote you because you put out consistent quality posts, and I auto-vote. Now if I wasn’t able to auto-vote, I’d miss out on the curation and be less likely to vote after as I’d miss the reward. The cons, well there are those that put out a mixture of quality and mediocre, and unfortunately the mediocre get the vote. Sometimes I do go back and adjust those votes though. Great shot, as usual.


That's what gets me, people still have to set their autovotes to vote those mediocre posts. And with this change one can just go in and change their settings back to upvote their mediocre posts if they have a vested interest to do so. That is the issue; this really only hits passive investors who don't see the change. Which is exactly who we don't want to hit as when they see their curation rewards drop (without really even knowing) they will just up and sell hive . It does nothing to stop abuse.