Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White

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Here is a sampling of the magnificent trees and gorgeous mountains of the Canadian Rockies. This photo was captured off the Legacy bike trail. A locals route to commute to work in neighbouring Banff. A Sony A7R III & 24-105mm f4 Sony lens was used.


ISO 100 f/5 ~ 1/400 sec


Sony A7R III & 24-105mm Sony f4 lens

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excellent photography friend beautiful mountains covered the dome with ice is fascinating ....

It was a nice view!

loving the black and white with the mountains. Looks excellent

Could go either way, depending on the mood.

yup for real. Do love Mountains in B&W they look menacing and magnificent

Love the view, but the big tree in front gets to much attention! next time put it more in the left ore right side of the picture! If that's possible and you don't fall of the klifs :p

Would have loved to edit out that pesky tree for sure!

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Just a bit curious😀.. Is volcano prevalent there?

And tbh to me, it seemed like two photos have been merged into one.. Pro shot! 👌

No, none around here. Too far north!

I see

It seems God showed his love in a special way up north in Canada. Thanks my friend.

No doubt about that Troy!