Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White

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When I came across this view, I got on my knees for a lower angle, but regret not going with a higher f stop. As you can see, the trees and mountain are out of focus somewhat. Nonetheless, the yellow dandelions looked really pretty I thought. Photo taken on the legacy trail, between Banff and Canmore, Alberta. A Sony A7R III & 24-105mm Sony f4 lens was used.


ISO ~ f/5 ~ 1/320 sec


Sony A7R III & 24-15mm Sony f4 lens

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A gorgeous shot. Very picturesque! ❤💛🧡 !tip

Thanks, it was fun.

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The Dandelion flowers are definitely prettier than anything else in the picture. Lovely place. Thanks for sharing sir 👍

They were pretty!

So you got a good learning moment :) Hope you live close to that!

Yeah, have to slow things down a bit next time.

Haha i know, i also always want to much :)