New England Fall Lake Photography

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: take some pictures of the beauty of the changing seasons here in New England! I know it’s just the start to a fun season of pictures!


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Lake Changes

One of the really special things about this year is we’ve got the perfect opportunity to do a lot of things, with taking pictures being one of them! Below are some of my favorites from today, with more to come in the following weeks!

The house we spend time at is directly on the water so it’s really nice. The views are great at so many different times of the day! I wanted to capture some picture of the nice oak tree leaves as they are changing over to red and other shades.


You can see lots of the trees on the other side are starting to change their colors in a staged way. That house is a perfect spot and to capture some nice foliage pictures over the coming weeks to see the progression is going to be nice.


Even though the weather is cooling off there’s a pretty consistent presence if the pontoon boats all over the lake! They just cruise along and enjoy the sunshine and the chatter of the animals as they all search for morsels before the temp takes a bigger turn.



The other fun thing about this time of year is Halloween and the little decorations that come with it! We found these cool cute lights at the dollar store the other day. I’m looking forward to taking some pictures of them in the dark! In the meantime I am practicing my background and foreground blurring techniques with the camera. I like how this one came out!


We also put the little things up the walkway to the house. It gets pretty dark at night and we are staying further into the night hours lately so we figured it’s best to put out some lights to make it safer!


All of these photos are mine of course and taken with a canon rebel DSLR camera with a fantastic 50mm fixed lens!

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Seems to be a beautiful place, where you live :-)
Fall is always a good season to take photos, with all its different colors <3

Thanks for stopping by! This place here is beautiful indeed, we are very lucky and happy to be able to go here. We definitely needed a place like this with all the restrictions and crap that is going on.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for a lot of reasons, the color of the leaves is one of them! I love the ability to pick and eat all kinds of different delicious foods. We just made homemade apple butter and pear butter last week, it was cool to do it!

Sounds wonderful :-)
We are also staying outside of cities most of the time, so we don't get too much of the crap you've mentioned. I can't imagine how life is like right now for the people in the big cities, that don't have the opportunity to go into nature to take a break from all this.

I never heard about apple or pear butter. What do you use it for?

We've thankfully been able to steer clear of the worst of it but I've had to endure some parts here and there for work, but thankfully nothing as bad as some have had to!

You can check out my post about the fruit butters here! They are kind of like a jam but they don’t have added pectin in them. They’re delicious!

Sounds interesting, I'll check it out for sure! I'm hoping I'll have my own apple an pear trees one day, so I can try it :-)

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