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RE: White Island and Life Update

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you ever had an opportunity to photograph an active volcano? :D

happy new year and all the best


Just one in Vanuatu ;-) It is one of the most amazing things to witness.

I had this post way back in Dec 2017 on it and did a few other posts from different angles.


All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie -

well then you have an experience with active volcanos :D

steem hit $2.60 USD :D (ah the all days :D )

Yep and 7$ a couple of weeks later. Which is why I don't get disgruntle when hive has not moved yet as it only took something like a month to 10x last time ;-)

this one is interesting. i mean it is interesting because i want to believe it is true :D

Yes; I am still very bullish on Hive.

Most smaller alts are in the same position; BTC sucks all life out of them until the BTC whales have enough profits to start plowing back into their pet projects. Hive is no different. But small projects can move a lot without any pushback as the total $ volumes are so small.

I've always wanted to check out an active volcano...It's still on my list of things to do. One day.

Happy new year to you also !