Mushrooms / Fungus

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Mushrooms / Fungus

I know really little about Mushrooms, so i included Fungus in it, as i am sure not all of these are mushrooms :)


Lately i listened few podcasts that i randomly stumbled upon, and the topic was Mashrooms, Fungi and Mycorrhizal networks. There are some interesting things about it, that i am sure most people have no idea.


Did you know that Paul Stamets a character in Star Trek: Discovery series is named after a real person? And it is because they use mycelial network that powers an advanced spore drive.

Oyster mushroom?

I could have did some research about mushrooms to make this post more informative, not just some nice photos that i took while walking through some beautiful nature. But i am sure the guy mentioned few sentences ago knows a bit more, so you can check some videos if interested. Here is one:


Did you know that Mushrooms breathe? They take up oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.


They are also good at hiding. Most of the times you don't notice them until you start really looking for them, after that, they are everywhere.


There is over 5. million fungal species in existence.



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Awesome photos!
Really sharp with great focus.
Congratulations on this piece of work...


Lepo lepo

Fala fala :D

Some beautiful shots mate. Glad your still here posting away. Must be considered an OG hive photographer by now ;-)

it is almost 3 years now. feels like ages :D

Yes; has been a while .

Super cool shots. The first shots look like something from an alien planet.

It had a lot of macro shot potential, but it was already a bit dark so i did not have enough light to play with it. It is like something from sci-fi

@bil.prag, You captured so detailed pictures in a way we can see Universe like Structure in all these Earthly Creations. Stay blessed.

take care

Welcome and thank you.

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This is really amazing captured shot that open my eyes to world of beautiful nature.

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