Meerkats and Red Pandas - More from the Zoo

In addition to my Post from yesterday, here are a few more pictures from the Australia Zoo. Despite the fact that I´m not the biggest fan of zoos, it´s a good place to take photos of animals that are hard or even impossible to spot in the wild. And of course I realise that the main task of a zoo is species conservation.


These african native animals shouldn't be missing in any zoo. Furthermore these are some of the animals that you will always see, as they are to nosy to hide all day, or sleep, like the Wombat for example.



Red Panda

This little Red Panda, that usually calls Nepal, Burma and China his home, is another animal you will probably never spot in the wild. One reason for that is the fact that only around 10.000 of his species are left.

I was a bit worried about this one because he was walking in circles the whole time...again and again the same track. But maybe this is also a completely natural behavior.




HIVE Photography.png



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