The Telegraph Tower in Alsace, France

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Today I take you with me to Alsace, France on the heights of Haut-Barr where this very nice Chappe telegraph is located


For those who participate to the #alphabethunt since 15 weeks, you know that we have reach the T and for this occasion I had kept these photographies to share them with you this nice Telegraph and its beautiful environment 😊


First of all, these stone buildings are really wonderful, and stumbling across them in the middle of a walk in the Haut-Barr was a delight ...
It's like finding the stone house of little Red Riding Hood in the depth of the woods...😁




France was the first country to have, from 1794, a telecommunications network, thanks to the aerial telegraph invented by Claude Chappe.



As it must be visible from afar, the telegraph was placed on a height: mountain, hill, or existing monument such as a church steeple (Strasbourg cathedral) it is on this lovely stone tower and it was part of the line Paris- Strasbourg


The station generally has two parts: a part visible from a distance, the telegraph, and a sheltered part.
The latter is itself divided into two rooms: one is used for handling the telegraph and the other, in most cases on the ground floor, is used as a rest room for stationers.


For those who are highly interested 😁, you will find just after my serie of photos some great explanations I found on this site and that I have translated for you from french 😉


the tower and its house of stationary was reconstructed in 1968 by the SHPTA (Societé d'histoire des postes et des Télécoms d'Alsace)


they are now animated by the volontary ones and managed since 2017 by the Association de sauvegarde de la tour-Musée de l'ancien télégraphe Chappe - Saverne - Haegen - Haut-Barr

Unfortunately it was already closed when we were there, so we could not visit inside...


Isn't that a wonderful building to photograph ? 😊

and just nearby there are some other treasures that I will share with you an other day that will probaly blast you 😁


Now for those that would like to hear some technical french explanations...(I wrote hear...not understand ..😄) or for those who like the french language...❤️
here is a video :

as well as the promised translated explanations and illustrations extract from the site

The Chappe system makes it possible to switch from the sound signal to the visual system

  1. It was from 1793 that France produced the first visual Telegraph thanks to the Chappe family who designed and operated the system

  2. The principle consists of placing an indicator mechanism on the high points, 10 to 15 km away from each other and visible from one point to another

  3. In each station, an employee observes with a long view the signals transmitted by his "upstream" correspondent and reproduces them to his "downstream" correspondent.

4.92 signals are available and 6 for service

Signals in groups of 2, the first for the page and the second for the line

  1. The mechanism consists of a large arm, perched on top of a mast which can pivot to take 2 distinct positions: vertical and horizontal

  2. At the ends of the large arm are two small arms which also rotate and can take several distinct positions (7)

  3. The various positions are controlled by ropes stretched on pulleys

In each station, one or two stationaries observe the signals from the previous station using a powerful telescope, then reproduce them on their own device.

Result :
• 25 words can be transmitted in 38 minutes over 450 km in favorable weather, on average 1 hour for Paris Strasbourg against 2 days on horseback
• Secret of transmission
• Does not work at night or in foggy weather

Details of stations between SARREBOURG and STRASBOURG on the Chappe PARIS - STRASBOURG line :




Voilà les amis ! Hope you have enjoyed these beautiful place with me 😊

I wish you a sweet evening !



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How interesting and beautiful to come across a tower like this i love your angles of how you have taken the photos looking-up photos are always amazing 👍

Thank you much @bigsambucca 😊 I always like to find interesting angles for the tall buildings...😉


Yes i know what you mean i am the same in that respect 👍

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lovely. Very interesting the history behind all of that . Sending messages over distances. I find it amazing that so much tech is at peoples disposal and they do so little with it these days, it's incredible. Nice post and you're right that building is superb to photograph

Thanks for your appreciation @scubahead ! 😉 I was hiking in the neighborhood without knowing there was such original treasure fact we came first to see ruins of a castle that are nearby, the place (Haut-Barr) is full of stone treasures of all sorts indeed 😊


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A relic of history, you bring a beautiful photographic review, I feel like in a fantasy story with a scientific touch.

I am also grateful for the nomination with the OCD incubation initiative as thanks to that I have grown a bit more on the platform.

You are a soul full of light and art that helps many users grow in HIVE.

by the way, I was lost for a few days (work stuff) but here I am back empowered.

Successes and happy weekend.

smileycat_thank_you.png for your nice comment and your appreciation @rafaelgreen , I wish you also a wonderful week-end 😊


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Thank you very much @qurator and @ackhoo 😊

Most welcome! 😄

The telegraph tower certainly is a an interesting subject, your photographs really do it justice @barbara-orenya, it's gorgeous!
Isn't it amazing how technology has evolved; I have a high regard for those who achieve such great feats in technology which has advanced communication and made life so much easier, very clever people!

Yeah, I agree with you, fortunately there were clever people to think and do all these improvements, I think of that almost every day, when driving on roads I have not build myself, i didn't have to think of it, someone did that before just for me to use it ! ...well, maybe not just for me, but at the awareness moment I think of that , this is just for me and my life to get easier, so to say...😁
crocodile.png much for your comment my dear and have a wonderful sunday !


Very true, it does feel like that. Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday as well!

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Thank you @hivebuzz 😉

You're welcome @barbara-orenya👍🙂

Wow, so beautiful place!!! It looks like a building from a tale ^_^

Indeed, that was really the feeling my dear !....😊 chatgraziemillesmall.png @silviabeneforti

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Thanks for the add @pinmapple ! 😊

Très belles photos !
Belles prises de vues , bravo !

merci_2.png beaucoup pour votre appreciation @roozeec 😉

Awesome place, and extremely interesting about the history of it, and some beautiful photos of it @barbara-orenya!

thankyousnail.png @jamerussell , this was indeed a very interesting place to photograph, even if we went too late for a visit of the inside....fortunately we can get some infos on the web sites nowadays...😉

These are really wonderful photos.. the tower is still standing tall and I can just imagine how inspiring it is being there

thankyou_lion.png @ireenchew , the tower was nicely renovated in 1968 but was still standing after all these years ...these constructions were made to last ! 😉

Your photography of such historical buildings is really awesome!

Thank you @munawar1235 ! 😉 It was a surprise for me when I discovered it, I was not aware of this telegraph being there, my man knows it as he is from Alsace, and he knew we were going to see it during our walk but he didn't tell me before 😊

These are awesome photos, and a lovely little countryside cottage to spend time in! I didn't think one would be able to find a telegraph station this far out into the brush, especially not one that's been beautifully preserved <3

I agree it would make a wonderful cottage into the woods 😉 Thank you for your comment @zacknorman97 😊

And cheers for sharing the awesome story and photos :-D

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!BEER and cheers ! 🍻

Cheers for the nice cold beer! 🍻

Wow looks super cool☺️♥️

thank_you_vache.png @edgarsart 😉

Have this feels as reference for medieval game creators and Environment design animtors

The location is really beautiful.. Oh! what a place to explore 😃.. A photography lover will not leave this without capturing it into their lens. Lovely!

Treasures 🤔.. I will be waiting for that particular post 😊

How beautiful to come across a surprise like that hasn't technology come a long way since today it's a simple hand held mobile phone but i still love the old school ways they was so much more creativity 😊