Statues in Brittany, France

Hello Sunday Lovelies !Hello les amis du dimanche !
Here today are some pictures of statues taken during my vacation this summer in Brittany, as this week is this of the S for the #alphabethunt, so I take this opportunity to show them to you before the letter T point the tip of his nose, as we say in french 😁Voici aujourd'hui quelques photos de statues prises lors de mes vacances cet été en Bretagne, car cette semaine est celle de la chasse aux S , donc j'en profite pour vous les montrer avant que la lettre T ne pointe le bout de son nez 😁


The following statue was accompanied by a magnificent glow which haloed it of even more mysticity ... 😊Celle-ci était assortie d'un magnifique halo qui l'auréolait d'encore plus de mysticité...😊
it is absolutely not an added effect but on the contrary a natural effect in the Breton sky of that day at the Pointe du Raz in the extreme tip of Finistère ...ce n'est absolument pas un effet rajouté mais au contraire un effet naturel dans le ciel breton de ce jour-là à la Pointe du Raz dans l'extrême pointe finistère...


This statue is Our Lady of the ShipwreckedCette statue est Notre Dame des Naufragés
A Carrara marble statue that was inaugurated and blessed in 1904Une statue en marbre de Carrare qui a été inaugurée et bénie en 1904




the following statues adorn the Calvary located on the forecourt of the Notre-Dame church in the village of Confort-Meilars, still in Brittany in the department of Finistèreles statues suivantes ornent le calvaire situé sur le parvis de l'église Notre-Dame du village de Confort-Meilars, toujours en Bretagne dans le département du Finistère
this granite calvary dates from the 16th century and has been classified as a historical monument since 1914ce calvaire en granit date du 16ème siècle et est classé au titre de monument historique depuis 1914



The statues were made in 1870 by a Breton sculptor, Yann Larc'hantec, to replace the statues of the apostles who had disappeared during the revolution and found beheaded in 1849.Les statues, elles, ont été réalisées en 1870 par un scuplteur breton, Yann Larc'hantec, pour remplacer les statues des apôtres qui avaient disparues pendant la révolution et retrouvées décapitées en 1849



I wish you a wonderful Sunday Lovelies !


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Lovely shots, Brittany is on my list of places to visit and these pics have made me want to go even more. Keep up the great work.

yes this is a place worth the travel 😉 very picturesque and magical, a land of legends ❤️
Thanks for your comment @darrenflinders


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Who had thought to behead the statues lol Nice shots, thank you for sharing.

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Haha yes that sounds silly to behead statues, but at that revolution time in France they beheaded real people so I suppose they were angry people that thought these stone people was worth to be their target ..😉


Or they were short of people to behead and decided to go on the statues lol

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My wife would love seeing these masterpieces. This is just her cup of tea. Including this in bucket list, definitely. Magnifique!

Everywhere you look in Brittany you will found treasures because it is a land of history, of legends and of magic...😉

Thanks for your appreciation (and this of your wife 😁) @gems.and.cookies


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Love holy statues and they are really beautiful the background clouds and sun make them look so powerful and spiritual.

indeed holy statues make beautiful scene, and even more when the sky is complicit and shows its most beautiful clouds, colours and sun...😉
thankyousnail.png @kohsamui99


So true it is amazing how the clouds, colors and sun can play a major roll in a photo.

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Always a pleasure @barbara-orenya 🙂👍

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looking good as ussual ;)

Hey ! how are you Mick ..? Good to see you back 😊

hi Barbara, not sure if i'm able to post daily again but i'll give it a try ;)

Great photo

Thank you 😊

Very cool shots. I love the sky in these.


artist et tableauredim.png Thank you very much Wes ! 😊


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This is so beautiful i love the way you have captured them beautiful holy statues with the background outstanding work 😊

Thanks @bigsambucca ! 😉 I got some great help from the sky and this wonderful halo perfectly on time 😊


Statues of great history, old land are all beautifully photographed with description.

Sadly too many are being defaced of late, making me feel that some, where possible, should be stored in special parks or places for history to be treasured.

thank_you_whale.png for your appreciation my dear ! 😉


Wow! Great photos! I especially liked the first photo very much. The background looks great.

crocodile.png @ssygmr 😉