My captures in Audierne, Brittany [ENG-FR]

I took a lot of pictures during my vacation in the west of France and when I was there, I took the opportunity to do something quite other than publish posts of course ... 😉J'ai pris beaucoup de photos pendant mes vacances dans l'ouest de la France et lorsque j'étais là-bas, j'en ai profité pour faire tout à fait autre chose que publier des articles bien sûr...😉
so here I am now with very nice views that I will finally reveal to you 😄 ... you were dying of impatience, weren't you ..? 😁donc me voici à présent avec de très jolies vues que je vais enfin vous dévoiler 😄 ...vous mourriez d'impatience , n'est ce pas ..? 😁


So here is a small collection of views taken in Audierne in Finistère, West coast FranceAlors voici une petite collection de vues prises à Audierne dans le Finistère
I let you appreciate the turquoise and azure colors that the water and the sky share together ... 😍je vous laisse apprecier les couleurs turquoises et azur que se partagent l'eau et le ciel...😍









Looking at these photos makes me want to pack my bags and leave immediately !!Regarder ces photos me donne envie de refaire mes bagages et de repartir aussitôt !!
I hope that for you, it will ignite the desire to discover my beautiful country and this fantastic region of Brittany, the most beautiful after my native mountains oc ... 😉J'espère que pour vous ce sera plutôt l'envie de découvrir mon beau pays et cette belle région de la Bretagne, la plus bele après mes montagnes natales...😉


I wish you a wonderful week-end Lovelies !


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So much beauty in these pictures @barbara-orenya. It would be really great to be able to pack up my bags and leave for your country to enjoy the view. However, I am of the opinion that true beauty can only be appreciated by the heart. And where my heart lies is where all things are beautiful. In which case I will also need to pack my wife's bags as well so we can truly experience happiness and beauty together in your country. Ah amour!

You know a lot about amour and beauty then ! thankyou.pngmuch for your enjoyable comment @gems.and.cookies and have a wonderful Monday !

I packed my bags! Now, where do I form a line to get on that bus of yours? Supremely beautiful!!

Le sigh. I'm so ready for it!

Bisous! Bisous!

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Haha my dear and beautiful !
Thank you snail.png

I suspect I could see you one day here, you are a wild traveler ! 😃 I would be delighted in any case ! 😘

So beautiful views!! Ce photos sont superbes! <3

chatgraziemillesmall.png dear Silvia ! we both live in beautiful countries...😍

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Thank you Pix 😘

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A part of France that I have never been to and it's great to see a bit of it in your always gorgeous photos! ❤️❤️

Brittany is dear to my heart, I'm sure I have lived many lives there before this one..😉

Just gorgeous refreshing views just where i like to be right now 🙂